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(العربية) محاضر مداولات السنة الاولى ماستر

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Announcement to register for the Master

Announcement of candidacy for the Master’s degree for graduates of the College 2019/2020 Announcing a candidate for a master’s of 20% Form – Master –...

Annual deliberations records

Law Third Year Public law special law Second year Master Family law Criminal law Administrative Law Business law political science International relations Local...

An invitation to compose an international refereed collective book

An invitation to compose an internationally-numbered collective refereed book within the framework of the college’s scientific publications series entitled On...

For the forum information card (participant)

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Referral decision to the Disciplinary Board

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The program of special examinations for students absent in exceptional circumstances

First year Second year Third year general The third year is special First year Master Administrative criminal Business family Second year Master Business family...

Results of the first year Bachelor of Laws for the second semester

The first group the second group Obese successful people

Announcement for PhD students

(العربية) برنامج استكمال الامتحانات الاستدراكية و التعويضية للسنة الأولى حقوق

Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic.