The International Conference on: Consumer Protection in the Field of Electronic Transactions and its Privacy in Smart Products

The Faculty of Law and Political Science hosted on 29 and 30 October 2019

This is in coordination with the National Union for Consumer Protection. The conference witnessed a qualitative presence of specialized professors from inside and outside the country. The works of the conference witnessed positive interaction by professors and students. After the opening of the conference by the Dean of the College, Dr. / Hamza Khodari was addressed the themes of the forum in the sessions and

Various scientific workshops culminated in the following recommendations:

1- The need to devote and strengthen a legal system for electronic payment means with the aim of protecting the consumer in particular

2. Determine the meaning of the applicable national law provided for in Article 02 of Law 18/05 on electronic commerce

3. Expedite the preparation of a national card for electronic suppliers.

4 – the need to establish a control authority for electronic transactions.

5 – .Expand the term of the right of the consumer to abandon the electronic contract.

6 – Work on the organization of workshops and seminars scientific awareness campaigns and sensitization aimed at encouraging the promotion and dissemination of culture of electronic transactions.

In conclusion, the Committee appreciated the efforts exerted to make this scientific conference a success, headed by the President of the University of Messila and Mr. Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science as well as members of the Scientific Committee and the Organizational Committee

For their great efforts and concluded the distribution of certificates to the participants

Media coverage Activities Department