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College Deanship | كلية الحقوق College Deanship – كلية الحقوق

College Deanship

me great pleasure to welcome all the surfers to the site of the College of Law and Political Science at Al-Messila University, wishing them to benefit from all the data and information placed at their disposal, and it gives me great pleasure to extend my sincere thanks and express my deep gratitude to the administrative and technical staff supervising the site, wishing them continued tender And dedication to work to provide a clear picture of our college.

Our primary goal is to improve the quality of scientific research and pedagogical training in a way that enhances the quality of the outputs of our college, within the framework of a tight strategy that relies on all available inputs from professors, employees and workers under the supervision of the university’s president and embodying his vision of upgrading the University of Mohamed Boudiaf – M’sila to The ranks of advanced universities. Long live the University of M’sila, long live Algeria, glory and eternity for our righteous martyrs.

Dean of the College

Dr.. Khudari Hamza