Second High Energy Physics Graduate Workshop


University of Mohamed Boudiaf (UMB) in M’sila is pleased to organize the second workshop in High Energy Physics (HEP)


The graduate workshop is dedicated to early stage PhD and Master students. Specialized lectures and tutorials will provide appropriate training to students working in the phenomenology and experimental directions of particle physics.

The workshop outline will cover theoretical and practical introductions of the following topics:

1.     Introduction
2.     Where do we stand in High Energy Physics ? Theory and Experiment.
3.     Beyond the Standard Model Searches.
4.     Cosmology
5.     Colliders Physics
6.     Dark Matter Searches
7.     Hands-on: HEP tools for the LHC physics and future colliders.
8.     What’s next and how to proceed tackling BSM searches ?
9.     Machine Learning (ML) in HEP.

– Please note students are not required to give presentations (oral/poster)  during the event.

Technical prerequisites:

  • Laptop with WiFi connectivity.
  • Linux platform (in preference).
  • ROOT and MadGraph tarballs will be provided.
  • Last but not least, interested in High Energy Physics (HEP)

Registration Deadline: 31 March 2021.

  •             Essma Redouane-Salah (UMB, Msila) (Chair)
  •             Ettayib Bensaci (UMB, Msila)
  •             Abdelmadjid Boussendel (UMB, Msila)
  •             Mohamed Salmi (UMB, Msila)
  •             Soheyb Medjedel (UMB, Msila)
  •             Mounir Boussahel (UMB, Msila)
  •             Rachik Soualah (Sharjah University UAE & ICTP )
  •            Marjorie Shapiro ( University of California Berkeley, USA)
  •            Amine Ahriche (University of Sharjah, UAE & ICTP)
  •            Salah Nasri ( Al Ain University UAE & ICTP)
  •            Adil Jueid (Konkuk University, South Korea)
  •            Cherifa Sabrina Amrouche (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  •            Rachid Mazini (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
  •            Dalila Salamani  (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  •            Rachik Soualah (Sharjah University UAE & ICTP )



The workshop will be held online through ZOOM platform from 03 to 05 April 2021.