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Field Council 


President of the Field Council




Pr. Zine El Abidine RAHMOUNI

mail : zineelabidine.rahmouni@univ-msila.dz


The Field Council is considered as the highest pedagogic authority in the Faculty of Technology. It gives opinions and recommendations on all pedagogic issues under its authorities in accordance with the directives of the university’s administration. It is also responsible for proposing the educational program of the education courses, planning bridges between the education courses in order to orientate progressively the students, developing appropriate teaching methods, organizing the assessment of training and teaching, ensuring the coherence of the courses and taking the decision on the advisability of maintaining or modifying an education course, ensuring the overall coherence of the training courses provided by the education course, in addition to any pedagogical issue submitted to the council by the Dean of the Faculty, the persons responsible the courses and the persons in responsible for the specialties within the limits of the prerogatives conferred in respect of its rules of procedure in accordance with the legislation in force.