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Head of department – Electronic

Head of departement    

Dr. TABBAKH Mostefa

Head Department’s Speech

         The electronics department is one of the five departments of the Faculty of Technology at Mohamed Boudiaf University -M'sila. It was created in 1999 with the aim of initially training " State Engineers" in electronics. Its main missions are orientated towards research and pedagogy. Our supervising ministry has chosen to launch a profound reform of the so-called "L.M.D" (Bachelor (Licence for L)-Master-Doctorate). In this new strategy, the electronics department plays a key role in the specificity of the education trainings it provides.
Since 2007, the implementation of the education system has engaged our faculty in applying several Bachelor degrees and masters in different specialties that have been proposed to students. Further education is provided subsequently for Bachelor's and Master' students as well as graduation positions leading to 3rd Cycle doctoral
degrees and Doctorate of Science also the "HDR" (Habilitation to supervise research). The education provided within the department aims to give students a scientific background of high level and broad spectrum to meet the needs of their future professions and developments and to strengthen the structures of the university of
technological majors that exist from the 80s. The education training covers both theoretical and fundamental aspects, applied and experimental, in many sectors. The education within our department has a general aspect, encompassing all the inherent options in electronics such as telecommunications, control, instrumentation and renewable energy. In addition to this mission, another one related to doctoral education has since been extended to the preparation of
Doctorate thesis.
Currently, a staff of 52 full and seconded teacher-researchers in the department who providing education training to 385 students (2015/2016) divided into five Master's options and two options in LMD Bachelor. The courses offered cover a wide range of inherent disciplines in the Electronics and Telecommunications fields.
– Master degree: Industrial Control (IC), Digital Telecommunication System (DTS), Microelectronics (ME), Instrumentation and Industrial Maintenance (III) and Electro-energetic Systems and Renewable Energies Technologies (EESRET).
– Bachelor degree (Licence): Electronics, Telecommunication.
The Department has more than 10 modern pedagogical laboratories to carry out the practical work of various teaching subjects and a research laboratory: Laboratory of Analysis of Signals and Systems (LASS), which contribute significantly to the teaching and the promotion of scientific research and training through research.