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Head of department – Electrical Engineering

Head of departement

Dr. chouchou abdelmadjid

Email : abdelmadjid.chouchou@univ-msila.dz

         It was during the academic year 2001/2002 that the department was created to respond to the urgent need expressed by the large number of students from the common core of technology. The electromechanical option of the electro-technical field, was the first discipline offered to the students, it was initiated by a group of young teachers. Since then, the department has made a significant progress, other specialties are added to those that already exist, including the electrical control. Since its creation till now, the department has been responsible for the educational training of 623 engineers of all options.       The academic year 2008/2009 was the year of the introduction of the new L.M.D system in the department. The latter was quick to take a place in this scheme, several training offers were developed and till now there are nine specialties in both courses: Bachelor and Master:

Automatic and Systems Electrical Networks
Electromechanics Electromechanics Control of Electrical Systems
Industrial Maintenance Renewable Energies