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Head of department – Mechanical Engineering

Head of Departement

Dr. ROKBI Mansour

Email : mansour.rokbi@univ-msila.dz

           The mechanical engineering department was created in 1985 to provide the education of “TS” advanced technician in mechanical engineering option. In 1987, the department is engaged in the training of “State Engineers” in energy, manufacturing technical and mechanical engineering as well as the “DEUA” in mechanical engineering options: Mechanical Manufacturing and Industrial Maintenance, in order to meet the needs of the economic sector in the region. Currently, a staff of thirty-two (32) Full Teachers / Researchers including 01 professor, 02 Senior lecturers, 10 lecturers, 18 assistant-lecturer and assistant-teacher, who provide training and mentoring of 200 students. With the advent of the LMD system, the department offers an academic training (Bachelor and Master) in mechanical, energetic, materials, manufacturing and modeling engineering. The mechanical engineering department also offers a Bachelor degree and a Professional Master in the field of industrial engineering and maintenance.         

Great importance is also given to external relations through national and international scientific cooperation and the development of research for the benefit of the socio-economic sector with agreements with “MEI” company (Sonelgaz) of M’sila, “Centre de Soudage”  Cheraga -Algiers and “ACC” Company in M’sila. The Mechanical Engineering Education opens up a wide range of opportunities in both professional (trades) and research fields. The fields of mechanical engineering (automotive, aeronautical, naval, etc.), energy, environment, health and many others are very demanding sectors in terms of mechanical engineering graduates.