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General Secretariat

General Secretariat

  The Secretary General: Mr. AZZI ZOHIR

The general secretariat of the faculty is responsible for :

  1. Prepare the project human ressources management plan of the faculty and assure successful the execution;
  2. Ensure career management process of faculty staff ;
  3. Essure the management and conservation of the archives and documentation of the faculty ;
  4. Prepare and Monitor Budgets of the faculty and assure the execution ;
  5. Promote scientific activities with the concerned structures of the rectorate, cultural and sporting activities for the benefit of students ;
  6. Manage movable and immovable means of the faculty and to ensure their upkeep and maintenance ;
  7. Ensure the implementation of the internal security plan of the faculty.

The general secretariat of the faculty to which the internal security office is attached, includes the following services:

  1. Service of staff ;
  2. The budget and accounting department ;
  3. The animation service,scientific, cultural and sporting,
  4. The means and maintenance service,

Service of staff: Mm.MAKHLOUF Laila

The service of staff includes the following sections :

1- Section of teachers employees,

2- Section of administrative, technical and agents staff,

The means and maintenance serviceMr. Mohamed Lamine HEMISSI

The means and maintenance service includes the following sections :

1- The means section,

2- The maintenance section


The budget and accounting department : Mr. LAKHDARI Yacine

The budget and accounting department includes the following sections :

1- The budget section,

2- The accounting section


Accounting Agency : Mr.SERAICH Djamel

A public accountant, according to this law, is any person regularly appointed to carry out, in addition to the transactions covered by articles 18 and 22 (Law NO 90-21), the following tasks :

1- Revenue collection and payment of expenses,

2- Safekeeping and preservation of the funds, securities, assets, objects or elements for which he is responsible,

3- Handling funds, securities, assets, goods, products and objects, Activity of availability accounts.