Le Vice-Doyen chargée de la Post-Graduation, de la Recherche Scientifique & des Relations Extérieures


Dr. LADJAL Mohamed

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The tasks of the Vice-dean responsible for Post Graduation, Scientific Research and External
Relations are:
    1. To ensure the follow-up of post-graduation access competitions,
    2. To take or propose the necessary measures to ensure the smooth running of post-graduation Education,
    3. To ensure the success of post-graduation dissertations and thesis defense,
    4. To follow the progress of the research activities,
    5. To initiate partnership actions with the socio-economic sectors,
    6. To initiate actions to boost and strengthen the national and international inter-university cooperation,
    7. To implement programs for teacher development and retraining,
    8. To monitor the operation of the mission of the Faculty's Scientific Council and maintain its archives.
The Vice-dean responsible for Post-graduation, Scientific Research and
External Relations is assisted by:
    1. Head of service of post-graduation education follow-up,
    2. Head of service for monitoring research activities,
    3. Head of service of Cooperation and Relations.