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the digital workspace platform DWS use guide

The digital workspace platform has been launched for the benefit of professors and (doctoral students and later for all university users), starting from the date of January 28, 2020 until February 20, 2020. This platform is concerned with everything related to the professor at M’sila University, and important digital platform.

So that the external internships can only be requested via this platform and without paper, requesting administrative documents, and later Moodle, Mooc and others will be integrated.

Therefore, please access it using the professional email for the concerned teacher, after clicking on the red bar on the link.


All data and information must be entered on the profile of the teacher until 20 February 2020, after which the request for internship will be made after the date of 20 February 2020 to 03 March 2020

the digital workspace platform DWS use guide