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Scientific productions of professors of the faculty of Mathematics and Computer science in 2014

Number of scientific papers : ( publications) 16

Year N Paper, Author, Reference
2014 1- Domination and factorization theorems for positive strongly p-summing operators. Positivity, 18, 4 (2014) 785-804.Auteurs : D. Achour , Blacel Amar



(q;r)-dominated holomorphic mappingsCollectanea Mathematica 65, 1 (2014) 1-16.

Auteurs : D. Achour and A. T. Bernardino


3- Factorization of strongly (p, σ)-continuousmultilinearoperators.

Linear and MultilinearAlgebra .60, 12 (2014) 1649-1670.

Auteurs : D. Achour ,Dahia elhadj, P. Rueda and E.A. Sánchez Pérez.


4- Stability and convergence resultats for Picard and Mann iterations via general contractive condition of integral type. Octogon Mathematical Magazine. Vol. 22, N1, April 2014, pp 80-92.Auteurs: D. Achour, M. T. Belaiband O. Olatinwo.
2014 5- Criterion of Decomposition of Unlimited Integer According to the Model: N=(standard)+(Unlimited)x(Unlimited), International Conference on Algebra and Number Theory, 5-8 August 2014, Turkey.Auteurs : S. Badidja and A.Boudaoud,
2014 6- Verification Approach for Probabilistic Complex Event Processing (cep) Applications. In The First International Symposium on Informatics and its
, M’sila, 2014
Auteurs : H. Debbi, M. Bourahla.
2014 7- Diagnosis of probabilistic models using causality and regression,. in Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication
Systems, 34–44, 2014
Auteurs : H. Debbi.
2014 8- Two-dimensional cavitating flow past an oblique plate in a channel. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 259, 828-834 (2014).Auteurs : Abedelkader GASMI.
2014 9- Numerical Study of Two-Dimensional Jet Flow Issuing from a Funnel. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics. 87, 161-169 (2014). Auteurs : Abedelkader GASMI.
2014 10- Language Identification: A New Fast Algorithm to Identify the Language of a Text in a Multilingual Corpus, The 4thInternational Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems ICMCS’14, IEEE Conference, University of Marrakesh, Marrakesh, Morocco, 14-16 Avril 2014.Auteurs : Said K., Abdelouahab M., Linda B-F.
IEEE Explorer Library:
2014 11- Composition operators acting on Besov spaces on the real line.Annali di Matematica (2014) 193:1519–1554,

DOI 10.1007/s10231-013-0342-x 239–272.

Auteurs : G. Bourdaud, M.Moussai, W. Sickel
2014 12- Improved Tabu Search for Parallel Identical Machines with Availability Zones (Tz, Sz)Res. J. App. Sci. Eng. Technol., 8(3): 423-428, 2014

Auteurs : SELET Omar.
2014 13- A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF HEURISTIC AND METAHEURISTIC FOR THREE IDENTICAL PARALLEL MACHINES SENRA Academic Publishers, British Columbia Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 3147-3153, October 2014Auteurs : SELET Omar.
2014 14- Development of a New Data Fusion System for Segmentation of Mr Images. Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers. 23(6), 1-14 (2014).Auteurs : C. Lamiche, and A. Moussaoui.
2014 15- A cooperative method to improve segmentation of brain MR images. NEW TRENDS IN MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES. 2(2), 134-140 (2014).Auteurs : C. Lamiche, and A. Moussaoui.
2014 16- An Adaptive Tabu Search Algorithm for Obtaining Alignment of Multiple Sequences. Baltic J. Modern Computing. 2(2), 75-83 (2014).Auteurs : C. Lamiche, and A. Moussaoui.

Scientific productions of professors of the faculty of Mathematics and Computer science in 2015

Number of scientific papers : ( publications) 36

Year N Paper, Author, Reference
2015 1- Virtually (r;r1,… ,rn;s)-nuclear multilinear operators
Extracta Math. 30(2) (2015), 235-250Auteurs : D. ACHOUR, A. BELACEL



Honam Mathematical Journal, v.37, no.3, 269-279, September 2015


3- Szpilrajn theorem for intuitionistic fuzzy orderings.Auteurs : Lemnaouar Zedam , A . Amroune and B. Davvaz.
Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics 9 (5), 703-718 (2015).


4- Analysis and approximation of frictionless contact problems between two piezoelectric bodies with adhesion.Auteurs : Tedjai, H.A., Benabderrahmane, B. & Drabla, S.
Kuwait J. Sci. 42 (1) pp. 31-54, 2015 (2015).
2015 5- A nonlinear hyperbolic problem for viscoelastic equation,Auteurs : A, Rahmoune, B, Benabderrahmane & B, Nouiri
Palestinian Journal of Mathematics (PJM), Vol.4(1)pp. 1-11, (2015).
2015 6- Improvement of 2-Partition Entropy Approach Using Type-2 Fuzzy Sets for Image Thresholding.Auteurs : A.Ouarda.
International Journal of Applied Evolutionary Computation, 6(3), 33-48, July-September 2015 33 DOI: 10.4018/IJAEC.2015070103
2015 7- Traveling profiles solutions to heat equation with a power- law nonlinearityAuteurs : Arioua Yacine, Benhamidouche Nouredine.
Journal of advanced research in applied mathematics – Vol. 7, Issue. 4, 2015, pp. 1-6 doi: 10.5373/jaram.2243.122914ISSN 1942-9649 –
2015 8- Non-classical study on the simultaneous Rational approximation.Auteurs : Dj. Bellaouar and A. Boudaoud.
Malaysian journal of mathematical sciences, 9(2), 209-225.
2015 9- A nonstandard construction of an Nα-universal set.Auteurs : A. Boudaoud.
International Meeting AMS (american mathematical society)/EMS(european mathematical society)/SPM(sociedade portuguesa de mathematica), 10-13 June, Porto (Portugal).E-mail:
2015 10- A mono crossover genetic algorithm for TSP.Auteurs : A.Hemmak , B. BOUDERAH.
Global Journal on Technology, Issue 7 (2015).
2015 11- Repairing Errors in PRISM Programs Using Probabilistic Abduction Reasoning.Auteurs : Mustapha BOURAHLA.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 9344,Springer.
2015 12- Reasoning over Vague Concepts.Auteurs : Mustapha BOURAHLA.
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) 9120, Springer.
2015 13- Exact Reasoning for Imprecise Ontologies.Auteurs : Mustapha BOURAHLA.
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing AICT (Springer) 456.
2015 14- Improved RFID Authentication Protocol Based on Randomized McEliece Cryptosystem. Auteurs : Noureddine Chikouche, Cherif Foudil, Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Mohamed Benmohammed.
I. J. Network Security 17(4), 413-422 (2015).
2015 15- A Secure Code-Based Authentication Scheme for RFID Systems.Auteurs : Noureddine Chikouche, Cherif Foudil, Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Mohamed Benmohammed.
International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security (IJCNIS). 7(9), 1-9 (2015).
2015 16- Some properties of variable Besov-type spaces.Auteurs : D. Drihem.
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. Volume 52, Number 2 (2015), 193-221.
2015 17- Some characterizations of variable Besov-type spaces.Auteurs : D. Drihem.
Annals of Functional Analysis. Volume 6, Number 4 (2015), 255-288.
2015 18- Multilingual Text Categorization: Increasing the Quality of Categorization by a Statistical Stemming Approach.Auteurs : Said G.
International Conference on intelligent Information Processing Security and Advanced Communication (IPAC 2015), ACM Conference, November 23-25, 2015 Batna, Algeria.
2015 19- Multilingual information retrieval: increasing the effectiveness of search by stemming, 19th International Conference onCircuits, Systems.Auteurs : Said G., Abdelouahab M.
Communications and Computers (CSCC 2015), July 16-20, 2015, Zakynthos Island, Greece.
2015 20- Information Retrieval: A New Multilingual Stemmer Based on a Statistical Approach.Auteurs : Said G., Abdelouahab M.
3rd International Conference on control, engineering & information Technology (CEIT2015), 25-27 may, IEEE Conference, Tlemcen, Algeria.IEEE Explorer Library:
2015 21- Arabic Texts Categorization: Features Selection Based on the Extraction of Words’ Roots Auteurs : Said G., Abdelouahab M.
5th IFIP International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications(CIIA’2015), 20, 21 May 2015, Springer Conference, TaharMoulay University, Saida – Algeria.Conference Link :

Springer Link:

La base DBLP:

2015 22- .: A new Multilingual Stemmer Based on the Extraction of the Root and the N-grams Technique.Auteurs : Said G., Abdelouahab M.
ICIPCE’2015 International Conference on Information Processing and Control Engineering, 15-17th, April, Moscow, Russia.Conference link:
2015 23- An Effective Multilingual Stemmer Based on the Extraction of the Root and the N-grams Technique.Auteurs : Said G., Abdelouahab M.
AIST’2015 international scientific conference Analysis of Images, Social networks, and Texts, 9-11th, April, Springer Conference, Yekaterinburg, Russia.Conference Link:
2015 24- A Prospect Proof of the Goldbach’s Conjecture.Auteurs : M. Douadi
2015 25- On intuitionistic fuzzy lattices.Auteurs : S. Milles, E. Rak and L. Zedam.
Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE). DOI: 10.1109/FUZZ-IEEE.7338095(2015).
2015 26- Realizations of homogeneous Besov and Triebel–Lizorkin spacesand an application to pointwise multipliers.

Auteurs : M.Moussai

Analysis and Applications 13 No. 2 (2015), 149–183. DOI: 10.1142/S0219530514500250 .

2015 27- History-dependent Evolutionary Quasi-variational Inequalities with Viscosity and Volterra Integral Term.Auteurs : NOUIRI Brahim
Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 2 (2015) 190-195.
2015 28- A Hybrid Method Applied to Multiple Sequence Alignment Problem.Auteurs : C. Lamiche, and A. Moussaoui.
2015 29- An efficient tabu search method for multiple sequence alignment.Auteurs : C. Lamiche, and A. Moussaoui.
Global Journal on Technology. 7, 30-35 (2015).
Electronic Journal of Diferential Equations, Vol. 2015 (2015), No. 160, pp. 1-16..
2015 30- The Columbus Moorish connection.Auteurs : L. Belabdelouahab-Fernini
Les Actes des XV et XVIe Symposiums d’Etudes Morisques , Les Nouvelles Voies de la moriscologie, N 33, May, 2015, pp. 91-108.
2015 31- Moorish stimulus to European Renaissance.Auteurs : L. Belabdelouahab-Fernini
El Ihyaa N 17-18 2014-2015, pp. 27-46.
2015 32- Description and implementation of a new protocol for remote desktop technology using java programming language.Auteurs : Lekhali Soumia, Linda Belabdelouahab-Fernini, Tayoub Walid.
International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, December, 2015.
2015 33- The Literary Dimension of the Algerian-American War.Auteurs : L. Belabdelouahab-Fernini
Revue D’Histoire Maghrebine, N. 158 pp. 41-52, February, 2015.
2015 34- Properties of continuous maps and bounded linear operators in fuzzy normed spaces.Auteurs : Abdulgawad A.Q. Al-Qubati, Lemnaouar Zedam.
Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy systems. 29 (2), 127–133 (2015).

DOI: 10.3233/IFS-151576

2015 35- Left and right compatibility of strict orders with fuzzy tolerance and fuzzy equiovalences relations.Auteurs : B. De Baets, Lemnaouar Zedam and A. Kheniche.
Atlantis Press.ISBN: 978-94-62520-77-6


2015 36- Distributivity of Aggregations operators with 2-ineutral elements.Auteurs : Pawel Drygas, Ewa Rak and Lemnaouar ZEDAM
TOTEM.COM.PL SP. z o.o. pp. 109-114.ISBN: 978-83-8012-519-3

Scientific productions of professors of the faculty of Mathematics and Computer science in 2016

Number of scientific papers : ( publications) 24

Year N Paper, Author, Reference
2016 1- Absolutely summing Lipschitz conjugates.Mediterr. J. Math. DOI 10.1007/s00009-015-0623-2.

Auteurs : Y. Rachid, D. Achour and P. Rueda.



Domination spaces and factorization of linear and multilinear summing operators.

Auteurs : D. Achour , E. Dahia, P. Rueda, E.A. Sánchez Pérez.


3- Lipschitz operator ideals and the approximation property. J. Math. Anal. Appl. 436 (2016) 217{236.Auteurs : D. Achour, P. Rueda, E.A. Sanchez-Perez and R.Yahi.


4- (p;sigma)-Absolutely Lipschitz operators (2016).Auteurs : D. Achour, P. Rueda and R. Yahi.
To appear in Annals of Functional Analysis.
2016 5- Polynomial Decay and Blow Up of Solutions for Variable Coefficients Viscoelastic Wave Equation with Acoustic Boundary Conditions, Acta Mathematica Snica, English Series, Vol. 32 (2): 137-152, (2016).Auteurs : Yamna BOUKHATEM, Benyattou BENABDERRAHMANE
2016 6- High Lightweight Encryption Standard (HLES) as an Improvement of 512-Bit AES for Secure Multimedia. IJACSA, 2016; 7(1).Auteurs : S. Guesmia Seyf Eddine, O. Assas, B. BOUDERAH. Vol 7 N2 2016
2016 7- « New Properties for Solving the Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Early/Tardy Jobs » Journal of Intelligent Systems (JISYS). Germany(2016). JISYS.2016.0063.R1 – Decision Accept 31-May-2016.Auteurs : A.Hemmak, B. BOUDERAH
2016 8- A Novel Algorithm for Pattern Matching Based on Modified Push-Down Automata , Vol. 32Issue 2, Mar 2016.

Auteurs : B.Lounnas , B BOUDERAH , A Moussaoui Mar 2016,
2016 9- Reasoning over decomposing fuzzy description logic, Journal of Innovation in Digital Ecosystems.Auteurs : Gasmi Mohamed et Bourahla Mustapha.
2016 10- Notes on the Herz-type Hardy spaces of variable smoothness and integrability.Auteurs : D. Drihem, F. Seghiri
Mathematical Inequalities and Applications, Volume 19, Number 1 (2016), 145-165.
2016 11- Characterizations of Besov-type spaces with variable smoothness and integrability by ball means of differences,Auteurs : D. Drihem.
Kyoto Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 56, No. 3 (2016), 655-680.
2016 12- Arabic Text Categorization: An Improved Algorithm Based on N-grams technique to Extract Arabic Words Roots,Auteurs : Said G., Abdelouahab M
International Arab Journal of Information Technology IAJIT (ISI Thomson, IF: 0.582, Jordan), accepted for publication, Vol.15, No.02, March 2018.
2016 13- Application of a New Set of Pseudo-Distances in Document Categorization,Auteurs : Said G., Abdelouahab M
Neural Network World NNW ((ISI Thomson, IF: 0.2, Czech Republic), accepted for publication.
2016 14- On the Action of the symmetric group on error-correcting codes, Applied Sciences, Vol.18, 2016, pp. 60-65, Balkan Society of Geometers, Geometry Balkan Press 2016.Auteurs : Ladjelat lahcene.
2016 15- On the Lipschitz τ(p)-summing operators. Colloq. Math. To appear.Auteurs : L. MEZRAG, A. TALLAB
2016 16- » A new class of Isodual Cyclic Codes of rate ½ over Fp « , Romanian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, (2016), 1: 1-5.Auteurs : C. Mihoubi and P. Solé
2016 17- A Construction of Some Group Codes,.Auteurs : Nacer ghadbane, Mihoubi Douadi
I. J. of Electronics and Information Engineering, Vol.4, No.2, PP.55-59, June 2016
2016 18- Proof by induction of the strong Goldbach’s conjecture.Auteurs : Mihoubi Douadi.
2016 19- Characterizations of intuitionistic fuzzy complete lattices, Novel Developments in Uncertainty Representation and Processing Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Springer International Publishing Switzerland. 401, 149-160 (2016).Auteurs : S. Milles, E. Rak and L. Zedam
2016 20- Metaheuristics to solve a tasks scheduling problem in parallel identical machines with unavailability periods.Auteurs : Rachid zitouni and Omar selt.
2016 21- A comparative study between two approaches for scheduling on single Machine

International Arab Conference on Mathematics and Computations (2016), Zarqa University, Jordan

Auteurs : Omar selt.
2016 22- A clone-based representation of the fuzzy tolerance or equivalence relations a strict order relation is compatible with. Fuzzy set and systems. 296, 35-50 (2016).Auteurs : B. De Baets, Lemnaouar Zedam and A. Kheniche.
2016 23- Compatibility of fuzzy relations . International Journal of Intelligent Systems. 31 (3), 240-256 (2016).Auteurs : B. De Baets, A. Kheniche and Lemnaouar Zedam
2016 24- Many-Valued Logic and Zadeh’s Fuzzy Sets: A Stone Representation Theorem for Interval Valued Łukasiewicz–Moisil Algebras. Journal of Intelligent systems, 25 (2), 96-106 (2016).Auteurs : A . Amroune , Lemnaouar Zedam and B. Davvaz. (DOI: 10.1515/jisys-2014-0096,)