The Dean

Dean’s Word

Academic and administrative Faculty of mathematics and computer science staff welcome you to the electronic portal of our faculty. We hope that this electronic portal is an effective means of interaction to serve our students and anyone else interested, and this in order to improve the training and research in our faculty and contributing to the evolution of the University of M’Sila.

The Faculty of mathematics and Informatics at the University Mohamed Boudiaf of M’Sila, was created according to the Decree of 24 February 2010 on the creation of the constituent departments:

  • Common ground: field of mathematics and computer science
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Computer science Department

The common ground provides training for the first year (L1) license of the new Bachelors according to the national program defined by the CPND-MI. Admitted to second year students can choose a line of training between mathematics and computer science to continue their studies in order to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

The Department of mathematics is among the former departments of the University Mohamed Boudiaf of M’Sila. In addition to training in mathematics (L2 and L3) license, the Department currently provides four different specialties for Master’s level training.

The computer science Department provides license L2 and L3 training. The student in the third year license (L3) can choose specialty training. It’s two different specialties (computer systems and Information systems engineering, and software). Currently, the Department provides training to three specialties at Master’s level.

The Faculty of mathematics and Computer Science has sufficient infrastructures for training. It also has two research laboratories bringing together a large number of teachers-researchers who contribute significantly to the promotion and development of scientific research.

Under the strategic plan of the University Mohamed Boudiaf of M’Sila, the faculty is considering the launch of professional training (either the license level or Master’s level) and the creation of a computer science laboratory.

Finally, through this electronic portal we want to create a dynamic environment to encourage different training of our students and scientific research activities and above all that it is an effective way for the interaction with the socio-economic sectors.

The dean, Pr. BOURAHLA Mustapha