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Thanks and gratitude


After the conclusion of the first phase of urban education, which allocated to the first year students a common base and the second master with all success. The director of the institute (Dr. Milli Muhammad), in my name, presents the expressions of appreciation and praise to the entire family of the institute (students, professors, administrative and pedagogical staff) for the efforts made to make this stage successful in good scientific and health conditions. And he hopes the rest of the groups will follow this discipline and brilliance.
By the way, the administration and the teaching staff, at the end of this stage, wrote information sessions for first-year students, through which:
Explain the various laws governing the LMD system
A detailed explanation of the process of logging into the (Moodle) platform and using various media.
The process concluded with a scientific field visit for first-year students to the municipality of Al-Maadid, and this is within the framework of the scale of (workshop and urbanization) supervised by the administrative staff, headed by the director of the institute.