Common Base Section


Mr. Barakat Zine El Abidine

About The Common Base Section

Established by Decision No. 493 of 28/07/2013

which determines the joint grassroots education program for bachelor’s degrees

Field: [Urban – Architecture, City Professions].

Branch: [Urban Technology Management]

Word of the co-founder.

Word of the Common Base Formation Section responsible

The city manager always needs to be armed with the knowledge and techniques that enable it to keep up with the rapid changes taking place in the city, and also to meet the challenges posed by the urban reality it is experiencing.

In order to ensure that the basic composition of the Institute of Urban Technology Management guarantees that students are given a range of different qualifications as a first building that enhances their scientific abilities, and brings them closer to exploring what branch they are studying, and making them stand on a solid base of scientific knowledge that will later qualify them to enter The limit of two specializations available at the institute level: city management or urban engineering

The formation takes place in six- semesters according to an integrated program, supervising the training of students enrolled in an integrated pedagogy team consisting of experienced and competent professors.

We always strive to provide the best educational environment that motivates our students, and we aim to achieve this in accordance with the best quality standards and the best academic programs accredited in university education.

Finally, I am pleased to call everyone to contribute and intensify efforts and cooperation to move forward towards achieving the desired goals because the development bets need to be combined with all efforts, and God bless.

Mr. Barakat Zine El Abidine