Research projects

Research projects

 number the name of the project project leader project members
01 cities, as well as natural hazards

approaches and methods – some cities in eastern Algeria

nuibet ibrahim cherif kamel

harsousse khaled

labyed foudil

02   urban dynamics and urban waste management in
a semi-arid region
“case of the cities of M’sila and Boussada”
rdjem ali benkhaled elhadj

naghel moustafa

benyahia azeddine

remdane chikouche chawki

taibaoui saaed

03 Play areas within the external areas of residential neighborhoods

And their compatibility with the needs of children

Case study of M’sila

hadjeb makhloufi arab walid

belkhir esmaiil

04 Cognitive and spatial representation

and nuisances for city dwellers

boudjemaa khalfallah lakhder hamina youssef

feloussia lahcen

hadji abdelkader

zid elkhir samia

05 The impact of urbanization on the management of the city

Case study of the city of Boussaada

boudjemaa khalfallah lmakhalti ahmed

bediar adel

fayed bachir

dougha mohamed sofiane


06 Prices of urban land that can be built

And sustainable urban development bets

Case study of Messila

kadour malek

rdjem rdjem

hamiche alawa

dahdouh djamel

kara abdelhamid