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Training offers in the Master

Offers bachelor configuration

Nature of composition:

Since its establishment in 1981, the THI Institute has been a senior technician in:

– Urban Engineering

Building & Architecture

Through this training, the graduate can practice the following tasks:

– Preparation, reading and implementation of building plans, architecture equipment, roads and various networks

– Management and follow-up of the establishment of various networks (supply of drinking water,

Sewage, electricity and gas supply, central heating, etc). Within frames

Determined by the rules of urban security and safety

– Organizing, planning and coordinating various urban processing operations.

Long-range configuration:

Long-term training (5 years) includes the training of state engineers in the management of cities

So that the graduate has a comprehensive view enabling him to deal with various vehicles

City (analysis and decision-making) through its intervention in various urban development processes:

– Preparation of various technical studies.

– Preparation of various plans for the management of the city (urban waste management scheme);

Land occupancy plan, transportation plan, etc.)

– Management and follow-up of various rehabilitation and reconstruction processes within the frameworks of sustainable development.

– Through this training the graduate can deal with various problems raised at the city level and find

Appropriate solutions within the framework of technical studies offices for urban development and technical interests of communities


– Configuration in the new system: LMD

The Institute entered into training under the new system from 2007/2006

By opening two specializations: urban engineering and city management

(Management of natural hazards in the urban environment)

And Bachelor of Arts (City, Environment and Sustainable Development) during the academic year 2009/2010