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Visit the Sports Institute of Sfax to reflect the terms of the cooperation and partnership agreement

Visit by the Director of the Institute of Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Sports...

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Get Magazine elibdaa elryadhi On the coefficient of impact ((arcif))

Sports Innovation Magazine has obtained the impact factor criteria and reference citations for the Arab scientific journals (ARCIF), which is one of the initiatives of...

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Condolence in death

We were informed of the death of the brother of colleague Tawilib Mustafa (an employee of the library of the Institute). In this grievous casualty, the Institute’s...

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Student lists for the 2019-2020 university season

Note: The registration (distribution of students to cohorts) is preliminary until the lists are finalized after the completion of the registration process

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Weekly Timetable 2019/2020

Note: There are changes in the weekly timing and therefore students should review it periodically until the final time

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the international conference : Modern Strategies in High Level Sports Trainin

        coloque 2019.EN Participation form. EN  

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Institute of Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities

Official logo Institute of Science and Technology of physical and sports activities Mohammed Boudiaf University in M’sila

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the eighth international scientific conferance :technolgies of sport media and coummunication


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