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Extension of internal remittances for the Institute for the 2019-2020 university season

First: baccalaureate holders 2019: on 08 and 09 September 2019 via the platform of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research PROGRES.
Second: Internal transfers for holders of the baccalaureate 2016, 2017, 2018 (from 08 to 16 September 2019, the files will be studied on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 in the morning at the level of the Institute and the Directorate of the University Directorate of Pedagogy in the evening of the same day.
– For the baccalaureate holders 2016, the student must have an academic holiday.
– Files are deposited at the level of the Department of Activities on the first floor of the Institute.
– The study of files is subject to the number of available pedagogical seats and minimum rates for the year of obtaining the baccalaureate degree.
– Does not accept any file outside the deadlines.
#File Components:
– A copy of the internal transfer application form (where information is written carefully).
– A copy of the registration certificate or school certificate for the current academic year (2020/2019).
– A copy of the baccalaureate score.
– A copy of the academic holiday decision for the baccalaureate holders 2016.

Internal Transfer Application Form