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Board of the Institute

In accordance with Executive Decree No. 03-278 of 24 Jumada II 1424 corresponding to 23 August 2003, it defines the functions and rules of the university and its organization, especially articles 61 and 62.

  His tasks are as follows:

– Prospects for the development of the Institute Programming the training and research processes of the Institute
– Prospects of national and international scientific cooperation
– Programming the work of continuous training and improve the level and renewal of knowledge
– Draft budget of the Institute
– Draft scheme of human resources management of the Institute
– Draft contracts and agreements of studies and expertise and the provision of services guaranteed by the Institute
– Management of the Institute
– Annual report of the Institute’s activities
– The Board shall study and propose every measure that would improve the Institute and encourage the achievement of its objectives and express an opinion on every issue presented to it by the Director of the Institute.
Composition of the Institute Council
The Board of the Institute consists of the following members:

Nominal list of the Institute Board