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Sports Training Department

Head of Sports Training Department
Dr: Sedira Saad
Rank: Lecturer
Specialization: elite sports training
Phone :
Email: sedira.s@yahoo.fr

The official Facebook page of the department: Press here

Message from the Head of Department

My dear students, my fellow professors, I am pleased to welcome you to this scientific edifice, whose first daughter has been established for nearly five years, which has been developing from year to year and has become the largest department at the national and international levels thanks to your efforts and dedication to work. Department and the University as a whole to the ranks of international universities.
Long as you serve the Algerian University and the homeland

Introduction Section:

The Sports Training Department is one of the largest departments at the Institute of Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities. Established by Executive Decree No. 10-38 of 09 Safar 1431 corresponding to 25 January 2010 as amended and supplemented 18 September 2001, which includes the establishment of the University of M’sila, especially the first article of the directive of the establishment of the section at the Institute by the Ministerial Decision 52 of 24 February 2010. For sports at the national level with sports frames formed through agreements concluded with various sports clubs that are active in all levels and in all disciplines

Nominal list of sports training teachers

the numberThe name and titleRankCurriculum Vitae
1Sedira Saad (Head of Department)Lecturer -A-images_50x50
2KABOUYA MOHAMMEDprofimages_50x50
3BEN OMOR MOURADprofimages_50x50
4MEGAGA KAMALLecturer -A-images_50x50
5ELOUERNIK YOUCEFLecturer -A-images_50x50
6SAAD SAOUD FOUADLecturer -A-images_50x50
8HERIZI ABDELHADILecturer -A-images_50x50
9AMAN-ELLAH RACHIDLecturer -A-images_50x50
11MEDJADI MEFTAHLecturer -A-images_50x50
12BEN SALEM SALEMLecturer -A-images_50x50
13AROUSI ABDERRAZAKLecturer -A-images_50x50
14KARA SAAIDLecturer -A-images_50x50
15GHIDI ABDELKDERLecturer -A-images_50x50
16CHARRATI RACHIDLecturer -A-images_50x50
17BEN TOUMI BILALLecturer -B-images_50x50
18SALEM AYACHILecturer -B-images_50x50
19TERICH LAHCENLecturer -B-images_50x50
22CHERIFI HAMZAAssistant Professor -A-images_50x50
23CHENAFI MILOUDAssistant Professor -A-
24NEMER SLIMANAssistant Professor -A-images_50x50