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Department of Physical Education


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Message from the Head of Department

اMay the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you. Welcome to the Department of Physical Education, this ancient section with its inherent terminology. In 2010, the training in the Department of Physical and Sports aims to prepare the frameworks and competencies in the teaching of physical education and sports in various stages of intermediate education, secondary education, and in various educational and vocational institutions, as well as allows the student to continue studies in the master until the doctorate, Training courses in higher education at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and various administrative positions. In general, the establishment of frameworks for work in various professional sectors, educational sectors and higher training, by providing students with a arsenal of theoretical and applied knowledge and information in various sciences (biological sciences, social and human sciences, movement sciences, medical sciences, communication sciences, as well as in various types of individual and group sports. ).

So far, I have graduated five batches at the level of the first phase, three batches at the level of the second phase master, in addition to the formation of a batch at the level of doctoral third phase and this for the 2016/17 university season.

It works to frame the students of the department professors in the specialty of physical activity of education of different ranks and their number as follows:
Assistant -B-
Assistant -A-
lecturer -B-
lecturer -A-


Nominal List of Department Professors

the numberName and SurnameRankC.V
1Karmiche AbdelmalekLecturer -B-images_50x50
2Boukharse RamdhaneProfimages_50x50
3Ochen BouzidProfimages_50x50
4Chouiya BoudjamaaProfimages_50x50
5Bendaghfel RachidProfimages_50x50
6Hechaychi AbdelouahabLecturer -A-images_50x50
7Saoudi DjenidiLecturer -A-images_50x50
8Boudjlida HassaneLecturer -A-images_50x50
9Bekka FaresLecturer -A-images_50x50
10Bachiri BenataLecturer -A-images_50x50
11Zahoui NacerLecturer -A-images_50x50
12Lazreg AhmedLecturer -A-images_50x50
13Mahdi AzzeddineLecturer -A-images_50x50
14Fayad AbderrazakLecturer -A-images_50x50
15Ben messira AbderrahmaneLecturer -A-images_50x50
16Ben nadjma NoureddineLecturer -B-images_50x50
17Barkati NecereddineLecturer -B-images_50x50
18Hassini AbderazakLecturer -B-images_50x50
19Slimani NoureddineLecturer -B-images_50x50
20Hamlaoui AmerLecturer -B-images_50x50
21Balboul FaridLecturer -B-images_50x50
22Ben Mohammed cherifLecturer -B-images_50x50
23Tikarkaret FayssalAssistant -A-images_50x50
24Boussag BedereddinneAssistant -A-images_50x50