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Department of Management and Sports Management


Head of Sports Management and Administration Department


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List of Professors:

the numberName and SurnameRankC.V
1merniz ossama (Head of the Department)Lecturer - A -images_50x50
2boussakra ahmedProf
3zahaf mohammedProfimages_50x50
4dahmani naaimaProfimages_50x50
5merniz aminaLecturer - A -images_50x50
6sadrati habibLecturer - A -images_50x50
7ben redjem ahmedLecturer - A -
8boussag fatihaLecturer - A -images_50x50
9bouslah nadhirLecturer - A -images_50x50
10mendjehi makhloufLecturer - A -images_50x50
11medjadi rabahLecturer - A -images_50x50
12amara noureddineLecturer - A -images_50x50
13yaakoubi laidLecturer - A -images_50x50
14bouaziz saciLecturer - B -images_50x50
15tabbani aliLecturer - B -images_50x50
16berbakh rabahLecturer - B -images_50x50
17khadar khaledLecturer - B -images_50x50
18cheruf hamzaAssistant Professor -A -images_50x50
19nouiri boubakerAssistant Professor -A -images_50x50
20ouali abdennourAssistant Professor -B -images_50x50
21karouche nouariAssistant Professor -B -images_50x50


Department of Management and Sports Management,
Mohammed Boudiaf M’sila University,
BP  166 district of Ishbilia Messila Algeria
Phone / Fax: 0021335558096