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Portability of filing a doctoral thesis for discussion

Reference (publication No. 03 dated 08 March 2018) for download : Instruction 03 dated 08-03-2018

The file is filed by the supervisor at the level of the post-graduate department of the Institute and consists of the following documents:

 Supervisor’s Report Form (and Assistant Supervisor if available): Download Supplement No. 01
-The supervisor’s report form (and the supervisor’s assistant, if any) on the scientific article showing that the published scientific article is part of the thesis :Download the Appendix 02
-Regular registration certificate in PhD : Download Appendix 03 
     An original copy of the scientific journal that must meet the criteria set by the National Scientific Committee for the Qualification of Journals (Appendix 04).-
Seven copies of the thesis and a copy on CD .-
Six copies of the scientific article related to the thesis (the outer cover of the journal, the index, copies of the scientific publication)-
.Other forms:
Appendix 05 : Experience Report Form
 Appendix 06 : Form of lifting reservations after discussion
  Important Facility Form

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