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Library of the Institute

Historical overview :

The Library of the Institute of Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities at the University of Mohammed Boudiaf – Messila – is a sub-library containing a set of basic books of study materials that serve students, faculty and related services.

Documentary balance of the library (sources):

The Institute’s library provides the following resources for students, faculty and staff:
Materials and printed books :
The library contains a number of printed books in all fields and specializations for each section m sections of the Institute note I interest provided books in 2011 about 227 titles from the International Book
In the same year about 803 titles from the International Book House
The year 2012 also benefited the library 369 titles of the International Book House, and in 2013 about 530 titles, and in 2014 about 550 titles, 2015 about 734 titles and is continuing to rich knowledge, while for books in foreign language there are about 458 titles in French
Graduation notes
.It also contains a large number of graduation notes each according to the scientific degree for students of the Institute of Science and techniques of physical and sports activities and is classified by scientific degree Masters notes for the first batch graduated in the institute were: 25 titles of the note, in addition to the level of Master, according to specialization and batches where:
*Department of Physical Education : Batch 2013 was 15 copies, Batch 2014 was 39 copies, Batch 2015 was 118 copies
*Sports Training Department : Batch 2013 was 16 copies, batch 2014 was 31 copies, batch 2015 was 114 copies
*Sports Media Department : Batch 2013 was 13 copies, Batch 2014 was 16 copies, Batch 2015
*Department of Management and Organization in Sport : Batch 2013 was 13 copies, batch 2014 was 29 copies, batch 2015 was 114 copies
*Adaptive Sports Physical Activity Section : Batch 2013 was 20 copies, batch 2014 was 09 copies, batch 2015 was 30 copies
There is a special magazine for teachers’ interventions in the scientific activities of the institute, in addition to the donations that we have addressed to us as a gift from Mr. Titouni Darraji, retired inspector of education and sports.
.Library Services :
Department of Books: Contains a number of printed books in all subject areas taught at the University
– Department of notes and magazines
– Electronic sources for some books and notes
– Reading room
– Students and staff are allowed to borrow electronic resources and printed materials available in the library
– The library provides a definition of its sources for new students and faculty to inform them of the books available in the library’s research tools
– Ask for help from library staff: Library users are allowed to inquire or ask for help from any library staff
– Enrich the student information in general subjects
*Library staff :
Librarian Master Level Librarian (Documentary) Archivist (01)
– Attached to the University Library first level Bachelor of Library Science (01)
– Assistant in University Libraries (01)
– Pre-Employment Contracts Authority (02)
1 – Bachelor of Management Sciences, Branch: Business Administration
2 – Bachelor of Information and Communication Sciences, branch of information and communication and public relations
*Library Objectives:
The library is an educational, cultural, and social institution that provides students with intellectual growth and encourages the teaching staff to prepare their research.
1. Introduce the student to the different types of libraries and their cultural, educational and social role
2. Introduce the student to the university or college library and how to use its resources
3. Introduce the student to the sources of information and ways to use them for study and research purposes
4 – Introducing the student to the types of indexes and their forms and methods of use
5. Introduce the student to the steps of scientific research and document information and benefit from the sources of information available in this area
6. Helping the student to develop a library awareness, and provide him with the necessary skills and practical experience necessary to use the library and its various resources effectively
Providing and serving its students and teachers with information that will help them in teaching, research and reporting
8. Supporting the curriculum in the college
** The library contains 2736 titles, including 12804 copies **
Index of books in Arabic
Index of Arabic books in pdf format pdf
Index of Arabic books in pdf format xlsx
Index of books in French
Index of French books in pdf
Index of French books in xlsx