Electrical engineering represents a solid industrial sector whose economic performance is of great importance. A University Laboratory like ours must continuously introduce and bring to the community new knowledge in a number of sectors where substantial progress is likely to occur in the medium or long term. It is by carrying out an in-depth study of electrical and electromagnetic devices, from materials to control, including the modeling and study of physical phenomena both theoretically and experimentally that we will advance the ‘Electrical engineering.

The LGE M’sila electrical engineering Research Laboratory was officially created by ministerial decree number145 (14 April 2012).It was initiated by a group of teacher-researchers motivated by the desire to fill the existing void in terms of reception structures and development in the field of electrical engineering, all options combined. The need to create links between our university and other external structures, national laboratories, foreign laboratories, industry.

The laboratory staff is currently 47 researchers, including 34 permanent members of the University of  M’sila.