Team 01: Electromagnetism and Microwaves (EMM)


  1. Abstract about thematic of EMM

The members of our research team work on two separate topics:  electromagnetic calculation and analysis and design of microwave circuits.

Electromagnetic calculation: In this topic, the team try to develop some mathematical models to analyze antennas, transmission lines, and the other microwave circuits using numerical methods. Among these methods, one can cite the method of moments, the finite element, the finite volume method and semi-analytical methods such as the transform compliant. In the same topic, the members develop programs using programming languages such as Matlab, Fortran, and C ++. The programs will be implemented using FPGA Circuits.

Analysis and design of microwave circuits: For this topic, the members will design the different microwave circuits such as printed antennas, resonators, filters, power dividers, couplers, etc. In order to design these microwave circuits, many electromagnetics simulators (full-wave) are used such as Ansoft HFSS, CST Studio, ADS Momentum, and COMSOL physics. The designed component will be fabricated (printed on PCB) and tested using Network analyzer which permits to present and analyze its S parameters. For antenna measurement, another equipment (anechoic chamber)  is needed to measure the antenna pattern (coverage).

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