Laboratory of Informatics and its Applications of M'sila (LIAM)

University of M'Sila

Laboratory presentation

The Laboratory of Informatics and its Applications of M'sila (LIAM), linked to Mohamed Boudiaf University of M'sila was established in February 2020 considered as an essential achievement that could give new life and added value to the quality of the educational task, that of scientific research and that of cooperation with partners outside the university. It consists of five teams. Its primary mission is to support and accompany teachers and students of the university in their multiple tasks of scientific research, teaching, projects and to participate with the various partners to promote and collaborate with the socioeconomic sectors of the country. This is a valuable asset that would endow our university with new dimensions to properly accomplish their missions and realize their aspirations.

The adhesion and support of all members will undoubtedly have a considerable effect on the profitability of the actions to be carried out on the educational and scientific levels as well as on the economic and social levels for an optimal use of the means mobilized by the state. in this context.