Free Prevention and university health


The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

       Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

University of M’sila

Free Cultural, scientific and sports activities


University life is a special period in a student’s life, during which the student is provided with the knowledge and scientific balance he receives in his formation, and it is also an important stage in building his personality. Therefore, the national dimension and sense of belonging and strengthening the elements of national unity, which is one of the basic tasks of the university as a national institution of education, must be developed. And training This department supervises the framing of cultural, scientific and sporting activities at the level of the directorate and coordination with the interests of activities at the level of university residences affiliated to it where it seeks to implement the policy adopted by the National Bureau of University Services in the field of construction It is embodied through the various active programs underlined by the Authority at the level of the Directorate and university residencies and in coordination with the various accredited student organizations as well as working on effective participation in various cultural demonstrations and sports courses, organized under the supervision of the National Office of University Services, and oversees all This is a group of frames and agents formed in various specialties, such as montage, internet and audiovisual technologies, and sports and cultural framing.

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All these services provided are part of the free education policy of the Algerian state, which is one of the first countries to follow this policy, including foreign students.

This policy achieves the sustainable development goals of the World Organization for Sustainable Development, in particular the goal of eradicating poverty.