Male Female Equality

The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

University of M’sila

Students Male female Equality
University of M’sila is a public university and therefore it offers free education for every baccalaureate holder similar to the universities in the country. It is also provides free education without discrimination between males and females.
Through the statistics in the table below, indicates that; the number of females studying at the University of M’sila exceeds the number of males twice.
The table below indicate the number of females in Bachelors = 11259 while the number of males in bachelors = 6811, as well the number of females masters = 7654 while the number of males in master = 6096, which makes the total number of students at the University of M’sila = 31820.
The table below summarizes the statistics related to female education compared to males at the University of M’sila.
Students Statistics 2020 – 2021

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Stands for:

St = Faculty of Technology

SHS = Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

MI = Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Media

SEGC = Faculty of Economic, Business and Management Sciences

LLA/LLE = Faculty of Letters and Languages

STAPS = Institute of Sciences of the Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities

GTU = Institute of Urban Technology Management

DSP = Faculty of Law and Political Science

Sciences = Faculty of Sciences