ODD 4: study day

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
University of M’sila
Vice-rector of higher education in the first and second phases, continuing
education, certificates, and higher education in graduation
In cooperation with the Pedagogical Vigilance Center of the
University of M’sila
And the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Organize a study day about

Pedagogical evaluation of the results of students of common cores
Monday, 03-05-2021 at 09:00

The evaluation of student results is considered one of the strategic and modern administrative and pedagogical processes that play a prominent role in the educational process, in pursuit of the goals and objectives of the university institution project.
The evaluation process of the results of students of common grades aims to achieve the goals of the educational institution, especially in light of Covid19. The aim of the study day is to determine the extent to which these goals have been achieved by comparing and analyzing the results and identifying the weaknesses that led to reaching those results, while seeking to make recommendations that may be sought to improve the encouraging and satisfactory results.

The objectives of the study day
– Determining the results achieved in the university’s common cores.
– Knowing the reasons for achieving weak results.
– Suggesting a better alternative to the evaluation process, such as continuous
– Create a space for discussion about possibilities for improvement in teaching in the
university’s common rules.
– Trying to find a mechanism to support the student in the common cores in particular.

The theme of the study day
– Evaluate and improve the success rate in the common cores, causes and solutions.

Study day program

12.15 13.30 Discussion and Recommendations

– Holding periodic meetings to analyze students’ results by educational officials and various
educational committees.
– Giving utmost importance to the continuous evaluation of the academic education.
– Promoting teaching in the common cores with professors who are professorships.
– Programming periodic evaluation meetings at the level of departments and
– Promote pedagogical accompaniment.
– The necessity of holding study days for how to construct the exam questions and taking into
account the standards for preparing them.
– Activation of field trips for students of common cores, and evaluating them through directed
and applied work.
– Involving the student in the self-assessment process.