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Word of the Library Manager

I am delighted to welcome all visitors to the Library of the Faculty of Technology and those who surf on our page through the website. We are also pleased to strive to meet your various needs that correspond to the Education Courses.       The University Library is an important and vital element at any university because it is considered as the center of research for all researchers of different levels. This is where the university have a major role to play to the academic mission performance and goals achievements related to education, scientific research and service of the academic community.

The library was established at the start of the Faculty of Technology in 2010 and includes a book store, borrowing service in addition to the reading room.

The library contains a large number of different information sources that serves all education specialties.

I welcome you once again, and your visit, suggestions and questions are welcome.

The Library of the Faculty is responsible for:

  1. Proposing the programs of buying the university books and documentation,
  2. Organizing the documentary collection through the implementation of the most modern methods of processing and classification,
  3. Maintaining the documentary collections and the constant updating of its inventory,
  4. Establishing the appropriate conditions for the use of the documentary collections by students and teachers,
  5. Helping teachers and students in their bibliographical research

The library of the Faculty includes the following services:

  1. Service of the documentary collections management,
  2. Service of the guidance and library research.