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Announcement of registration and re-registration 2019-2020 Library of the Faculty of Letters and Languages

The management of the library of the Faculty of letters and Languages Mohamed Boudiaf University in M’sila for the academic year 2019/2020 learns its valued...

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Announcement for Master Students 20%

The University’s Vice Directorate of Pedagogy informs all students wishing to apply for the Master 20% share, who have not yet registered on the Ministry of Higher...

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GROUP LISTS 2019-2020 Department of Arabic Language and Literature

Department of Arabic Language and Literature First year Master 1 Modern and contemporary literature Master 1 Algerian literature Master 1 General Linguistics  

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Calendar of Candidates for the first year Master 20% Academic year 2019-2020

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The Pedagogical Gathering With First Year Students

Under the organization and supervision of Arabic language and literature domain training team in the amphitheatre number 3

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Announcement of the Nomination to the Position of Pedagogical Tutor for 2019-2020 university season

The Faculty of Literatures and Languages announces the opening of the nomination to the position of pedagogical tutors for 2019/2020 academic season, and receives the...

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The Final List of Students of the Teachers’ High School (BAC +5) Admitted for Master Two

Department of French Letters and Language  

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Announcement for the Teachers’ benefiting from short-term internship or scientific demonstration for the academic year 2019-2020

All teachers who benefited from a short-term tutorial or a scientific demonstration are informed that they are obliged to submit lessons on Moodle platform on September...

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