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برنامج الامتحانات التعويضية‎

ليكن في علم طلبة السنة الاولى قاعدة مشتركة وكذا طلبة الديون لباقي المستويات أن الامتحانات...

نتائج امتحانات السداسي الاول 2020/2021

قسم تسيير المدينة قسم الهندسة الحضرية قاعدة مشتركة 

Board meeting minutes

Board meeting minutes download

Announcement about field graduation

We teach third-year students with a BA majoring: Urban Engineering that a field graduation has been programmed within the framework of the subject: Academic Graduations,...

Announcement to the teachers

Let all the professors know, continue reading

Events of the second edition of RESEARCH COFFEE

The Institute for Urban Techniques Management organized, on Thursday, January 14, 2021, the second edition of the Research Cafe for the students of the Institute in...

Announcement within the framework of the renewal of membership of the Services Committee

Within the framework of the renewal of membership in the Services Committee, continue reading

Announcement of academic holidays for the academic year 2020/2021

The Vice-Presidency of the University Directorate terminates higher training in the first and second stages, continuing training,  certificates, and higher training in...

Important announcement

Students of the second year of Master of Science are required to send the research required of them in a subject of technology risks via the Moodle platform, and if they...

The second edition of RESEARCH COFFEE

The Urban Techniques Management Institute is organizing the second edition of RESEARCH COFFEE entitled: “The importance of transportation planning and traffic...