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Announcement for masters students

Let the second year students be aware of Master Read on

Announcement regarding a field trip

We know third year students Read on

Student lists

Urban Engineering Department common ground

اهمية التشجير

Announcement regarding the postponement of the afforestation campaign

Let everyone know Read on

Examination program for the first semester 2019/2020

Let the students of the Urban Technology Management Institute know that the first semester exams 2019-2020 are as follows: City management Department Urban Engineering...

اهمية التشجير

Announcement to participate in the afforestation campaign

Let him be aware of all the family of the Institute of Urban Technology  Read on

Important announcement

Let the first year students be aware of Master Read on

Important announcement

Let the students know Read on

Important announcement

Let all students of the common ground know Read on


ليكن في علم طلبة السنة الثانية ماستر تسيير المدينة اكمل القراءة