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قسم القاعدة مشتركة

Head of the Common Base Department: Professor Berkat Zain Al-Abidin

The common base was established by Resolution No. 493 of 07/28/2013

This defines the joint foundation education program for the BA degrees

Maidan – Earth and Universe Sciences –

Branch – Urban Technology Management –

A word of the common baseline formation official

The city’s march always needs to be armed with the knowledge and technologies that enable it to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in the city, and also to be at the level of challenges posed by the urban reality that you are experiencing.

To this end, the basic formation of the Institute for the Management of Urban Techniques ensures that students are granted a set of different qualifications as a first step that enhances their scientific capabilities, and brings them closer to exploring what branch they are studying, and makes them stand on a solid base of scientific knowledge that will later qualify them to enter one of the two specializations available at the level of Institute: city management or urban engineering.

The training takes place in two semesters, according to an integrated program, and supervises the supervision of the students enrolled in it by an integrated pedagogical team consisting of specialized and experienced professors and professors, and we always strive – management and professors – to provide the best and provide a stimulating educational environment for our student children, and we aim to To achieve this according to the best quality standards and the best academic programs approved in university education.

Finally, it is a pleasure to invite everyone to contribute and intensify efforts and cooperation to move forward towards achieving the desired goals because the stakes of development need to unite all efforts, God bless.