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قسم تسيير المدينة

Department Head: Professor Aarab Walid

The city’s management division was established according to Resolution No. 98 of 20/06/2007.

Department head speech

The city is an integrated system consisting of several subsystems operating in conjunction and cooperation, intent

Promoting to the aspirations of the user, who always strives to achieve the highest level

Of the services in terms of diversity and excellence, and therefore, dealing with this dynamic object is not

The easy thing, but requires knowledge of what is possible to understand its complexities, and control what can

From curbing it and directing it in the right way, and this is what we seek to provide through

Training in the city administration section, which is attended by thirty professors from different scientific ranks.

Experienced and competent.

Where a graduate of the city administration department can obtain a solid base of knowledge

Scientific and technical achievement enables him to better deal with the city’s various problems

Its complexity. And better management of it using modern scientific methods.

The Department of City Management holds over 440 students during the 2016/2017 academic year.

Between training in bachelors and masters, there is a bachelor’s degree in running the city

Master specializing in city management, and Master specializing in natural hazards in the middle


We always strive to improve and diversify the composition, in cooperation with all actors, and

Consulting all competencies, and involving all concerned.