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Urban Engineering Department

Department Head: Professor Belkheir Ismail

Department head speech

The Department of Urban Engineering was established by Resolution No. 53 of February 24, 2010, which includes the establishment of the component departments of the Institute for the Management of Urban Techniques at the University of Mohamed Boudiaf Al-Messila, and the specialty of Urban Engineering was approved by Resolution No. 98 of July 20, 2007.

The department has training in two phases: Bachelor’s and Master System (LMD), and the department includes in the 2015/2016 academic season about 300 students, who are trained by approximately 26 permanent professors of different academic ranks.

Students practice their studies within the following open specializations with the following technical and scientific formation:

Bachelor of Urban Engineering.
Bachelor in Urban and Urban Technologies.
Master specializes in city and urban transport.
Master managing natural hazards in urban areas.
The training aims at the Department of Urban Engineering to ensure a high-level training for students registered within the previous disciplines to be familiar with the science of urban preparation and the management of cities knowledge and technology in order to ensure that they achieve the following tasks:

Complementary technical studies (study and design): accounts of various networks.
Roads and sewage networks, wastewater, public lighting (VRD) …
Completion of urban waste management plans and city traffic and traffic plan.
Preparation of construction and development tools: urban projects, planning and development directive scheme (PDAU) and land occupancy chart (POS).
Managing and following up construction and urban development projects.
Preparing management plans and preventing natural hazards of cities.
As a general goal, the department seeks with its available material and human capabilities and capabilities to prepare students for a modern scientific preparation in accordance with international standards, in an effort to enhance the university’s outputs, enrich scientific research and contribute to the service of the local community.

Finally, I wish all the members of the teaching staff the best of luck to our dear students, wishing them success