Word from Vice-Rector

The Vice-Presidency of the University for Higher Education is working in the third phase, university rehabilitation, scientific research and higher training after graduation to follow up the implementation of the mission of Mohamed Boudiaf University to develop university scientific research and the formation of doctors in various disciplines

he task of forming doctoral and master’s students is closely related to the task of developing scientific research by virtue that the various scientific research laboratories and research teams for CNEPRU or PNR projects include doctoral and master students with the aim of materializing the formative research process.

The Mohamed Boudiaf  University of M’sila, has adopted a strategy in developing training in the doctorate, which mainly focuses on diversification and opening as many disciplines as possible, while ensuring the quality, and that the number of open positions is carefully studied.

The university also worked on obtaining new branches in the Ph.D. sciences, as we moved from only 08 majors in 2012 to 16 majors in the year 2015. This allowed opening the way for university lecturers to obtain university qualification in these majors, which allowed them to be promoted to the rank of course – A-

On the other hand, the university has increased the number of scientific research laboratories from 08 laboratories before 2010 to 27 laboratories in 2015, which represents a qualitative leap that reflects the direction of Mohamed Boudiaf University towards strengthening the activities of researchers for research and publishing, and raising the university to the first ranks for classification of national and international universities, which is the goal The main for the next two years.